Chief Procurement Officer, Vitex Pharmaceuticals
Wednesday 17 July – 12:00
Panel discussion: Creating strategic synergies with suppliers – Turning transactional relationships into strategic alignments
Wednesday 17 July – 14:20
Steam 3: Increasing your supply resilience and mitigating risk around inventory management

With over 10 years as a procurement professional, Lucie has been involved in developing all manufacturing-based projects from inception to approval. Lucie coordinates closely with multi-disciplinary teams to deliver feasible and economic outcomes to achieve pharmaceutical manufacturing distinction. Combining technical and strategic frameworks through all project facilitations, Lucie is continuously setting new benchmarks in procurement excellence and delivering significant and measurable ROI across key business units. Lucie drives a dynamic procurement team who are relentless in keeping up with market trends both nationally and on a global scale.

Lucie holds a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce, a Masters of International Business and International Relations from Macquarie University, Sydney and recently completed her Masters of Business Administration from Macquarie Graduate School of Management.