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Chairperson’s opening remarks

Mark Lamb, General Manager, CIPS Australasia


Opening address: Malcolm Harrison, Group CEO, Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply

The demands facing procurement professionals today are much broader and more complex which brings both opportunities and challenges for us all. Whether it’s modern day slavery, CSR strategies or cyber security, business leaders are turning to procurement for the answers.
Complex risks such as these make it even more important for us to take a broad commercial and supply management perspective in our roles.


Keynote address: Global economic trend analysis and the outlook for Australasian procurement in the next 5 years

  • Evaluating the long term implications of changes in global trade relations
  • What impact will China’s slowdown in economic growth have on business and procurement in Australasia?
  • Mapping the risks of a changing economic landscape and the role of procurement in securitising supply chains, fixing costs and driving profits
  • Navigating uncertainty around changes in available labour, resources, and regulation changes
Peter Munckton, Chief Economist and Head of Market Strategy, Bank of Queensland


Regional analysis – Evaluating procurement and supply management in the region against global benchmarks

In this session we will deep dive into the latest international purchasing and supply management trends. What lessons can be learned from procurement and supply practices from across the globe?
As the profession changes and adapts to identify itself within the boardroom what practices, methodologies and learnings can we garner? And how do we apply these lessons to local businesses?
Speakers include:
Len Blackmore, Chief Procurement Officer, Transport for NSW- Group Rail
David Macdonald, Head of Procurement Asia Pacific & Air BP, BP


Networking break and afternoon refreshments


Research presentation: Digitalisation in procurement and supply

The University of Melbourne carried out global research with CIPS to gather insight into the levels of understanding and implementation of digital systems in the procurement community worldwide.
The survey was conducted in mid-2018 and was completed by over 700 supply chain managers in more than 20 different sectors and 55 countries took part, making it one of the most unique global surveys of its kind. We bring you insights into the findings of this survey and an understanding of how your business can benefit and mitigate the risks hindering your digital journey.
Speakers include:
Danny Samson, Professor and Co-Editor in Chief, Operations Management Research, University of Melbourne
Zahra Seyedghorban, Lecturer, Operations/Supply Management, University of Melbourne


Q&A session: Embracing the digital world – how the fusion of technology and procurement will redefine the global marketplace

  • Digital disruption and the effect on procurement and supply chain practices
  • Understanding the 11 enablers of digital disruption and their effect on your business
  • Thinking outside the physical domain – redefining the supply chain within the digital sphere
  • Thriving in an agile, digital ready world – the benefits of an agile approach to increasing customer centricity and responsiveness
  • Exploring the rise of machine-to-machine interaction and the evolving role of humans in implementing the strategic objective
Chair: Phil ChalkleyHead of Procurement Program, Transdev Australasia
Speakers include:
Danny Samson, Professor and Co-Editor in Chief, Operations Management Research, University of Melbourne
Zahra Seyedghorban, Lecturer, Operations/Supply Management, University of Melbourne
Siju Johny, Chief Procurement Officer, Transgrid
Rob Halsall
Head of Procurement, Westpac New Zealand


Panel discussion: Attracting the talent of tomorrow and defining the new face of procurement

  • Identifying the balance of traditional, soft and digital skills every future procurement leader will need to run a successful business
  • Are recruitment briefs really addressing the skills procurement leaders are looking for?
  • Profiling the motivations and expectations of the younger generation to attract the best talent in the digital age
  • Future leaders of tomorrow – retaining high quality staff and defining a clear career progression path for growth
Chair: Cath Hill, Group Director, CIPS
Speakers include:
Coretta Bessi, Head of Commerical Services, Westpac 
Lee Houlson, Head of Commercial & Procurement Function, BAE Systems Australia
Kylie Burke, Procurement Manager, GWA
Margaret Pearson, Chief Advisor Procurement, New Zealand Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment


Chairperson’s closing remarks


Close of Day One

Mark Lamb, General Manager, CIPS Australasia



Morning refreshments


Chairperson’s opening remarks

Mark Lamb, General Manager, CIPS Australasia


Opening keynote: Walk the Talk: Becoming an Innovative Leader in a Digital Age

In this energising keynote, Stephen shares his personal insights into the secrets of innovative leadership in the 21st century, drawing on his unparalleled leadership experience to offer a provocative prescription for leaders of businesses large and small, including how they will need to master data, analytics & AI in order to dominate the business battlegrounds of the future. From humility and curiosity, to speed, transparency, data dexterity and customer obsession, Stephen offers practical advice for every business leader on how to remake themselves from corporate also-rans into innovative leadership rock stars!
Stephen Scheeler, Former CEO, Facebook ANZ


Thought leadership session: A CPOs perspective on combating modern slavery

In 2017, The Department of Corrections embarked on an ambitious procurement project to increase prison capacity in the face of an unexpected surge in demand. From this session, you will learn how the department mitigated the risk of modern slavery in an international supply chain that operated in high risk areas. Key to their success was a collaborative, due diligence approach with their main contractor to create full end-to-end supply chain visibility.
Julie Robertson, Chief Procurement Officer, Major Contracts, Department of Corrections National Office


Looking beyond compliance: Unlocking competitive advantage and perpetuating change through addressing Modern Slavery in your organisation 

  • Enhancing good governance throughout the organisation by promoting changes to business-wide thinking
  • Exploring the key metrics and tools necessary to demonstrate compliance in line with business critical objectives
  • Transforming business risks into business opportunities – navigating the tricky landscape of supplier onboarding by having the right conversations around the Modern Slavery Act and identifying concern areas
  • Learning from global legislation – what lessons can we take from global success and failure?  
Ryan Kirgan, Head of Procurement, Downer Group


Q&A session: Taking a top down approach to the problem of modern slavery

Join our plenary keynotes as we ask the burning questions about Modern Slavery and what it means for business usual. Understand how to identify this key legislative act as a business critical objective and translate this into day to day activity that your company can live and breathe.
Speakers include:
Julie Robertson,
Chief Procurement Officer, Major Contracts, Department of Corrections National Office
Ryan Kirgan, Head of Procurement, Downer Group


Networking break and morning refreshments


Case Study: Achieving supplier diversity – building a robust supplier infrastructure that will extend your competitive advantage

  • Maximising the benefits of engaging local and diverse suppliers in your supply chain and not compromising the bottom-line
  • Exploring how your approach might differ when working with diverse suppliers 
  • Incubating and investing in growing a diverse supplier base
Speakers include:
Rebecca Loch
Associate Director, Procurement, Johnson & Johnson
Greg Welsh, Director, Winya 
(Winya – Best Contribution to Corporate Responsibility and Overall Winner 2018)


Panel discussion: Creating strategic synergies with suppliers – Turning transactional relationships into strategic alignments

  • How to identify which suppliers will add the greatest value through a partnership approach
  • Managing your risks and ensuring that there is a balance of risk taking when looking at new and existing suppliers
  • Leveraging supplier insights and capabilities to drive innovation and revenue
  • Using collaboration to drive innovation and growth
Chair: Cath Hill, Group Director, CIPS
Speakers include:
Ian Finlay,
 Chief Procurement Officer, Coles
 Stephen TurnerGroup Procurement Manager, Wesfarmers
Lucie Chami,
 Chief Procurement Officer, Vitex Pharmaceuticals
Lisa Williams, Chief Procurement Officer, Department of Transport


Panel discussion: Delivering effective change management throughout your organisation

  • How to identify and alleviate areas of inefficiency that do not align with business strategy
  • Sharing your vision for greater effectiveness with your team, the board and your suppliers to achieve greater buy-in
  • Categorising core abilities and skills needed to achieve long term sustainable change
Chair: Mark Lamb, General Manager, CIPS Australasia
Speakers include:
Ken Tuke, Chief Procurement Officer, Public Transport Victoria
Tod Cooper, Procurement & Commercial Consultant
Lynn Penny, Group General Manager Procurement, Mirvac


Networking Lunch

Stream 1

Chair: Tod CooperProcurement and Commercial Consultant 

Stream 2

Chair: Graham CrawshawGlobal Services Director, CASME

Stream 3

Chair: Craig Lardner, Former Global CIPS President and Board member


Utilising BIG Data analytics to optimise your procurement strategy

Through a travel buying scenario, this session will explore the use of data to accelerate the supplier journey and create a more efficient procurement strategy. Understand how analytics can be used to enhance the sourcing process and give you a competitive edge at the negotiation table
Ellie WarrenDirector, Account Management MNC/G for Australia and New Zealand, Egencia, Expedia group

Cost effective, sustainable procurement strategies – how can you drive sustainable change through your organisation

  • Understanding how ‘policy through procurement’ in the public sector can be approached
  • Creating a successful procurement business case beyond the dollar value
  • Switching to alternative materials in line with business growth plans
  • Learning how using targeted procurement strategies can generate business value and lead to wider economic and social benefits
  • How following a sustainability programme generates business value
  • Exploring the lessons learned
Paul Howard, Assistant Chief, Joint Defence Services, New Zealand Defence Force

Increasing your supply resilience and mitigating risk around inventory management

  • Identifying potential risk factors in supply
  • How to set up an achievable contingency plan to mitigate disruptions in supply
  • Improving the bottomline through the application of digital tracking technology
  • Leveraging robotics for more accurate inventory and warehouse management
Lucie Chami, Chief Procurement Officer, Vitex Pharmaceuticals

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Stream 3




Understanding your third parties: building a supplier risk assessment framework to mitigate risk

  • Defining the parameters used to measure supplier risk
  • How company information can alleviate uncertainty around potential and existing suppliers
  • Streamlining processes and workflow through automation to help risk assessment for third party due diligence
  • Using data to tackle the risk of tenuous links to modern slavery
Qing LiuDirector – Moody’s Analytics, Asia Pacific, Bureau van Dijk

Catching the Tiger by the Tail – Taming Complex Strategic Procurements

This session will showcase the best practice approach to planning for strategic procurement projects made more complex by factors such as their size, risk, or political visibility.
It will cover how to prepare you and your team, how to simplify the complexity and where to start in order to ensure success.
– John CrickmoreManaging Consultant, Commerce Decisions

Leveraging Blockchain and AI to create visibility and accountability throughout the supply chain

  • Understanding how you can apply blockchain and AI for increased visibility, compliance and assurance risk management
  • Implementing Smart Contracts through user roles and responsibilities together with business process
  • Exploring the challenges and lessons learned associated with the implementation of blockchain
Speakers include:
– Stuart GreenAssistant Director, CASG, Department of Defence, Australia
Amit Ghildyal, Researcher and Project Coordinator, CASG, Department of Defence, Australia
Professor Elizabeth Chang, Professor of Logistics and Canberra Fellow, The University of New South Wales, Canberra


Stream 1

Chair: Phil ChalkleyHead of Procurement ProgramTransdev Australasia

Stream 2

Stream 3




Panel: Measuring the success and benefits of public procurement policies in line with government objectives

  • Sourcing locally in the context of the value for money decision
  • When is the the two-stage tendering process ‘fit for purpose’?
  • Assessing the extent to which established procurement panels support value for money, efficiency and effectiveness
  • Evaluating the success of social procurement policies delivered through procurement spend
Speakers include:
Teresa Scott
Executive Director, Australian Construction and Procurement Council
– Racheal KuczmaAssistant Secretary Materiel Procurement, Department of Defence, Australia
Mira Korhonen-Low
Chief Procurement Officer, NSW Department of Finance Services and Innovation
– A.J. KarlinerChief Procurement Officer, Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning

On stage Interview: Managing new and existing talent to drive inclusivity and reduce the skills gap

  • Inclusive staff engagement and progression models to enhance employee retention
  • Effective talent management models that will help drive the talent pipeline and help you manage your skills gap
  • Upskilling staff in the digital procurement landscape to ensure we recruit for the talent of tomorrow and not just today
Karina Harris, Regional Head of Indirect Procurement, Asia Pacific, BP
– Noel Barret, Senior Director, Contingent Workforce Outsourcing, APAC Kelly OCG 

Case study: Automating Purchase to Pay to increase efficiency and create a better customer journey

  • Automating purchasing activities to allow more focus on strategic objectives and activities
  • Integrating a user-friendly purchasing platform that employees want to interact with
  • Ensuring risk is balanced when automating processes by identifying high risk areas for non-compliance
  • Identifying which purchasing activities should be automated to benefit business outcomes
– Fraser Stowers, Executive Manager, Procurement, IAG


Afternoon refreshments


Panel discussion: The evolving value proposition  of procurement across today’s business

  • Ensuring procurement is aligned with business strategy
  • Procurement and supply chain teams as brand and business ambassadors
  • Demonstrating value to the CFO & CEO beyond cost saving
  • Enhancing external perceived value through collaboration
Chair: Cath Hill, Group Director, CIPS
Speakers include:
Georgie FarmerSourcing Strategy & Operations, Microsoft Procurement
Lisa Davis
Head of Procurement and Supplier Management, Spark New Zealand 
David Bygrave
Head of Procurement, Volkswagen Group Australia


Chairperson’s closing remarks

Mark Lamb, General Manager, CIPS Australasia


Close of Conference