Corporate Scorecard

Corporate Scorecard


However big or small your decision, you will want to base it on good information and authoritative, dependable scrutiny. Our analysts are specialists in assessing financial risk.

We are driven by a 20-year proven track record that defines our integrity, our expertise and our ability. Our commitment to client service and delivery is reinforced by our powerful financial diagnostic and rating system that ensures consistency and accuracy.

- We have an established track record of providing high quality and dependable financial viability assessments.
- Our analysts are all specialists in assessing financial risk and have the appropriate experience and qualifications, mostly Chartered Accounts, CPAs.
- We are able to apply sophisticated financial diagnostic tools that assist the analysts in the verification of data, identifying anomalies, analysing the key risks and determining the default probabilities in the short, medium and long term.
- Our extensive financial database enables us to analyse organisations against the context of the industry’s financial norms
- Our systems, with links to ASIC, credit history data and automatically generated ratio analysis enables efficient processing, ensuring a cost-effective solution.
- We provide a secure interface to facilitate the submission of enquiries electronically, ensuring user-friendly and efficient processing that can be measured against KPIs.
- We are the only organisation in this field that has its methodologies, confidentiality, probity and related policies independently audited under the ASIC licensing conditions, (as a licenced credit rating agency.)


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