2017 Agenda

Market disruptors, ever-advancing technology, economic and geopolitical fluctuations – these factors are all having a huge impact on the world around us and the future of work. They bring threats as well as opportunities – but are you ready for them? If you can’t predict what’s coming, you at least need the capability to react quickly and the resilience to stay in the game.

In 2017, the CIPS Australasia Conference explored these issues and more and provided practical help, together with the motivation and inspiration to help you play your part.

08:00 -  Registration, coffee with exhibition and networking hub
CIPS branch chairs from across Australasia will be on hand to greet you and help you make new connections, so get along early to meet the representative from your region.  You will also find conversational prompts in the networking space throughout the day to encourage delegates to strike up useful and meaningful discussions.  Make sure your LinkedIn profile is up-to-date and bring business cards to exchange and leave on our connections board to help you make and meet new contacts.

  • Branch chair Queensland: 
    Peter Morichovitis, Chief Procurement Officer, Gold Coast City Council 

  • Branch chair Victoria & Tasmania: 
    Jacqualin Baldwin, Category & Sourcing Manager, Telecommunications and Business Services, Vic Track 
  • Branch chair Australian Capital Territory:
    Jane Wagner, Director, Australian Government Department of Finance
  • Branch chair Western Australia: 
    Ricky Baharwal, CP Lead/Specialist, Shell
  • Branch chair New Zealand: 
    Tod Cooper, Acting General Manager & Chief Procurement Officer, W2 Shared Services
  • Branch chair South Australia and Northern Territory:
    Richard Peasgood, Contracts & Procurement Consultant at Rowe Advisory
  • Australasia representative for CIPS Congress: 
    Hannah Bodilly, Head of Strategic Sourcing, Enterprise Solutions, Bank of Queensland
  • Branch chair Auckland:
    Anthony Clare, Owner, Management Architects

08:45 - Welcome and opening remarks from your chairman, 
Mark D. LambGeneral Manager for CIPS Asia Pacific
With an emphasis on networking and digitisation, this year's conference will include the use of a Slido tool that delegates may use to feed in live questions as well as share advice and comments with peers.  
In the meantime, follow @CIPSAustralasia on Twitter to get in-region updates and use the #cipsausconf tag to share thoughts on the event.

08:55 - CIPS Supply Century and future of the procurement profession
Cath Hill MBA, Group Director, CIPS
Procurement and supply management is on the precipice of dynamic and disruptive change resulting from volatile trading environments, increasing complexity and the influence of information technology: Cath Hill, Group Marketing Director, presents a view on emerging changes and the profession's future role.

09:15 - Global economic overview
Rajiv Biswas, Senior Director and Asia-Pacific Chief Economist, IHS Markit
Nothing is certain but change.  Rajiv Biswas, will review the impact and likely impact of political fluctuations on trade in the US, Europe and Asia; consider the risk from North Korea; and examine the economic outlook for the Australasia region.

09:55 - Mastering the art of influence and communication
Chris Helder, Keynote Speaker And Best Selling Author
Morning keynote speaker Chris Helder is a high-energy master influencer who will force you to rethink everything from the way you sit in a meeting to how you interact with stakeholders, suppliers and the boss. (He’ll also make you laugh too).
The acclaimed author of leading sales and motivation books Stop Selling!: The Art of Reading the Client and Winning the Business and Street Smart: Playing & Winning the Corporate Game is an expert on change and the mindset needed for growth.
His presentation will equip you with the necessary inspiration, incentive and impetus to sharpen the art of influence on others as well as yourself.

10:45 - Morning refreshments and tabletop business card swap in the exhibition hall
Missed the networking at registration? No worries.  Spend the morning break having a breather, meeting exhibitors and nudging a neighbour across the coffee table to exchange thoughts and ideas.

11:15  - 11:55 Break out sessions - Pick and mix deep dive streams
Delegates will be able to choose from three different sessions that focus on one particular topic of use and interest to the profession.

STREAM 1: Emotional intelligence and effective communication
Cath Hill MBA, Group Director, CIPS
Emotional intelligence is a critical factor in distinguishing high performers and an important determinant of effective leadership and life success.  Cath Hill, Group Marketing Director, CIPS, reveals how to combine EI with key marketing skills to manage yourself and motivate others to get you to the top of your profession.

STREAM 2: Getting it right first time: How to manage complex procurements to deliver the best outcomes
- John Crickmore, Managing Consultant, Commerce Decisions
Strategic procurement activity may only represent 20% of an organisation’s procurement transactions, but often accounts for half of annual spend and creates 90% of the risk. Despite this, a traditional approach is generally taken.
By defining criteria effectively, procuring organisations can ensure the evaluation process is clear and simple for both themselves and bidders.
Come to this session to find out what to do and how to get it right first time.

STREAM 3: A global marketplace for modern spend management – SAP Ariba and eBAY
Learn how to simplify and control the purchase of non-sourced goods through an on-demand catalogue of essential goods from trusted and vetted sources of supply to help companies rationalise and augment  existing catalogue programs.
- Cameron Paice - Regional Vice President, SAP Ariba, ANZ
- Doug Mitchell – Vertical Lead, eBay
- Nikolai Lavrentiev, Solutions Sales, ANZ

12:00 -  The value of indigenous supply: The policy, challenges, successes and benefits
Not only is supplier diversity now a targeted requirement for some (under the Australian Government's Indigenous Procurement Policy) but businesses are finding it can generate revenue and lead to competitive advantage.  Hear from buyers, suppliers and leading experts on how and why you should set up an indigenous supplier programme as part of your approach to vendor diversity.

  • Laura Berry, Chief Executive, Supply Nation
  • Murray Saylor, Managing Director, Tagai Management Consultants
  • Marcus Lee, Studio Director, Marcus Lee Design
  • Simon Nash, Practice Management Lead - Sustainable Procurement, ANZ Bank
  • Heath Nelson, Community Development Manager, Fortescue Metals Group

12:50 - Talking point, Take 1: Tales from the other side: A vendor's view
Luke Tindale, Chief Operating Officer, Finsbury Green

A short, sharp TED talk-style presentation to aid discussion and debate and help delegates think beyond procurement and supply chain.  In this talk Luke Tindale, Chief Operating Officer for Finsbury Green and a member of the CIPS Victoria Branch committee, offers insight from the selling side and provides advice on how to successfully influence and build relationships with customers and stakeholders.

13:10 -  Chairman's morning wrap up

13:15 -  Networking lunch

Time for a break...Don't forget to visit exhibitors, find your local CIPS branch chair to build your network and chat to the person next to you over lunch - conversations can spark ideas and lead to new opportunities.

14:15 -  Talking point, Take 2: Corruption - what is it and how do we address it?
Tod Cooper, Acting General Manager and CPO, W2 Shared Services

Tod Cooper examines this thorny subject and offers some advice.

14:35 -  Talking point, Take 3: Procurement: A platform for change and innovation.
Christian Lanng, CEO, co-founder and Chairman, Tradeshift

Procurement leaders have for too long struggled to get heard within the business, too often viewed as roadblocks or bureaucratic. While delivering savings and standardization to the business is an important part, there is much more that procurement can offer to generate strategic value. It is a platform for change and innovation. 
The speed of change is quickly distinguishing the leaders from the followers - argues  
Christian Lanng, CEO, co-founder and Chairman of Tradeshift - whether it is a process, a new technology or a new product the ability to change fast is critical and procurement plays an important role. Additionally, there is no single company with as much innovation capacity as all its suppliers combined and procurement is the gatekeeper to this invaluable resource. 

14:55 -  Break out sessions - Pick and mix deep dive streams


STREAM 1: Interactive workshop to define meaningful KPIs

Dr Stefan Gassner, PhD MCIPS, Procurement Practice Lead, Grosvenor Management Consulting

Join this session to learn how to develop a performance management framework that will help you get better results from your suppliers. Dr Stefan Gassner will lead this interactive session based on an example drawn from the audience. It will explore the Business Objective, define Critical Success Factors and discuss how to develop meaningful KPIs – and how all of this comes together in one framework.

STREAM 2: Modern slavery: How you can start tackling this scourge

Cath Hill MBA, Group Director, CIPS

Bryan Cook, Director, Procurement & Supply Chain, KPMG Australia

Are there slaves in your supply chain? If you work for a big enough business the answer is probably yes, the question is: What are you going to do about it?
A Parliament sub-committee announced earlier this year that it had begun an inquiry into whether Australia should adopt national legislation comparable to the UK’s Modern Slavery Act 2015. 
And support for such a law has been building across the country.
CIPS UK has played an instrumental and ongoing part on this in the UK; come to hear their expertise on the subject and from Bryan Cook of KPMG Australia, who has already done work on it with the World Bank and UN.

15:35 - Afternoon refreshments and tabletop business card swap in the exhibition hall

A final chance for delegates to make connections and exchange ideas with peers in the refreshment and exhibition space

16:05 -A CEO's view of procurement
 Sam Walsh AO FCIPS, CIPS President and former CEO, Rio Tinto

In his tenure as CIPS President, Sam Walsh is working to ensure that CEOs across the globe are getting the maximum value from their procurement team, and that the procurement profession receives the profile and opportunities it needs to succeed.  In this closing keynote he shares his passion for the profession and reveals what is necessary to achieve this mix of profile, opportunity and value.

And join Sam again as he kicks off day 2 with a career development session on how to make the most out of a mentor (see below).

16:55 - Closing remarks from Chairman Mark D. Lamb, General Manager for CIPS Asia Pacific

Focus Day

09:45 - Registration

10:15 - Opening remarks from Chairman Mark D. Lamb, General Manager for CIPS Asia Pacific

10:30 - Your next career step: Making the most of mentoring
Mentoring can be rewarding for both the giver and receiver. It can be a crucial asset to ensuring you reach your career potential - but isn't only for those just starting out. It requires honesty, patience, trust, respect, encouragement and support. Mentors not only provide invaluable advice as a role model and counsellor, they can open up networks and resources. Mentees in turn provide insight into an employee's perspective and can help their mentor with their own continuous learning as well as presenting an opportunity to hone key skills.
CIPS President and former Rio Tinto boss Sam Walsh AO - a passionate mentor - will open this careers session at the start of the Focus Day.

- Sam Walsh AO FCIPS, CIPS President and former Rio Tinto CEO
- Craig Lardner, Principal, Procurement Advisory Services
- Hannah Bodilly, Head of Strategic Sourcing, Enterprise Solutions, Bank of Queensland
- Peter Morichovitis, Chief Procurement Officer, City of Gold Coast
- Nick Lardner, Commercial Manager, Commercial Services, Westpac New Zealand

11:30 - AI, automation and digital procurement 
Robots and other forms of digital automation are playing an increasing role in supply chain and procurement technology.  They can be a source of disruption as well as competitive advantage.  Find out from those who are using automated processes to mimic human actions why the rise of the machines should be welcomed.

- Pauline Rolfe, Procurement Operations Manager, Accenture
- Charlie Hollis, Procurement Manager, SA Power Networks

12:30 - Networking lunch
Grab some food, take a breather and get to know some of your peers from this morning's workshops

13:30 - Risk & resilience: Why you need to interrogate your supply base
You may have used the Kraljic matrix to map your strategic supply base but have you mapped the resilience of those business-critical vendors and the products and services they supply? Have you assessed their capability and back-up plans - and do you have any of your own in place? Find out what you should be doing and why in this practical session on the importance and value of greater scrutiny.

- Peter Curcio, Chief Procurement Officer,  ANZ Bank
Tod Cooper, Acting General Manager & Chief Procurement Officer, W2 Shared Services
- Jane Wagner, Director, Trade Policy Section, Procurement Policy and Advice Branch, Australian Government Department of Finance
- Bryan Cook, Director, Procurement & Supply Chain, KPMG Australia

14:30 - Building successful relationships with stakeholders and suppliers
Procurement's value to a business largely depends on how it manages both suppliers and internal stakeholders.  Do you bring in innovation from vendors? Will other departments let you help them with their spend? Hear from those who have succeeded in forming beneficial cross-functional teams and how to get the most from suppliers. Brisbane City Council CPO Bruce Pain opens this session by presenting some key insights on how you should approach your business relationship with both parties for maximum gain. Delegates will also get the chance to share their views via live polls designed to make you think and get the conversation started.

- Bruce Pain, Chief Procurement Officer,  Brisbane City Council
Jacqualin Baldwin, Category & Sourcing Manager, Telecommunications and Business Services, Vic Track
- Dianne Turner, Strategic Procurement Lead, Business Services & People, Australia Post

15:30 - Closing remarks from Chairman Mark D. Lamb, General Manager for CIPS Asia Pacific

15:35 - Focus Day ends

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