Tuesday 16 July


Opening Address: Malcolm Harrison, Group CEO, CIPS


Keynote Address: Global economic trend analysis and the impact on the region’s procurement

  • What impact will China’s slow down in economic growth have on business and procurement in Australasia?
  • Evaluating the long term implications of changes in global trade relations
  • Exploring the ramifications on talent and labour  


Evaluating procurement and supply management in the region on a global scale

  • Highlighting the latest international procurement and supply management trends
  • What lessons can be learned from procurement and supply practices across the globe?   

– Len Blackmore, Chief Procurement Officer, Transport for NSW


Coffee & Networking Break


Panel discussion: Attracting the talent of tomorrow and defining the new face of procurement

  • Identifying the balance of  traditional, soft and digital skills every future CPO will need
  • Profiling the motivations and expectations of the younger generation to create effective staff recruitment models

– Coretta Bessi, Chief Procurement Officer, Ausgrid 
– Lee Houlson, 
Head of Commercial & Procurement Function, BAE Systems Australia


On the Edge of the horizon: Understanding the future fusion of technology with procurement and supply  

  • How technology will further transform the procurement and supply chain landscape in the next 5 years
  • Exploring the rise of machine-machine interaction versus traditional human communication
  • Why procurement and supply will become more agile, transparent and customer-centric


Close of Day One



Chairman’s opening remarks


Looking beyond compliance: Changing business behaviour to unlock competitive advantage through the Modern Slavery Act   

  • Driving cultural change to enhance good governance
  • Exploring the key metrics and tools necessary to demonstrate compliance
  • Transforming business risk into business opportunities
  • Learning from global legislation


Case Study: Unlocking innovation and generating business value through supplier diversity

  • Identifying and engaging  local SMEs, indigenous and women-owned suppliers
  • Investing in and incubating a diverse supplier base
  • Exploring how your approach might differ when working with diverse suppliers compared to industry supplier disruptors


Details to follow…


Coffee & Networking Break


Case Study: Elevating suppliers to partnership level to drive innovation and mitigate risk

  • Identifying which suppliers will add the greatest value through a partnership
  • Leveraging supplier insights
  • Pinpointing the key skills and behaviours required to partner
  • Partnering to mitigate supply chain risks


Panel discussion: The evolving nature of procurement’s value proposition across today’s business

  • Ensuring procurement is aligned with business strategy
  • Procurement and supply chain teams as brand and business ambassadors
  • Demonstrating value beyond cost saving
  • Enhancing external perceived value through collaboration

– Georgie Farmer, Group Manager – Global Events & Meetings, Sourcing Strategy & Operations, Microsoft Procurement 
– Lisa Davis, 
Head of Procurement and Supplier Management, Spark New Zealand 
– Hendrik Synman, 
Chief Procurement Officer, Beach Energy Ltd


Lunch break & Networking

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Stream 2

Stream 3


Generating value through Big Data and analytics

  • Using data to create strategic  procurement strategies
  • Leveraging data to optimise asset management
  • Enhancing supplier performance analysis through deeper insights



CPOs and Heads of Supply chain as a driving force for social change: Cost effective, sustainable procurement strategies  

  • Creating a successful  procurement business case beyond the dollar value
  • Switching to alternative materials in line with business growth plans
  • Why following a sustainability programme generates business value

Leveraging Blockchain to create visibility throughout the supply chain

  • Exploring how Blockchain can create end to end visibility
  • The practicalities of the technology -Smart Contracts & enhanced traceability

Stream 1

Stream 2

Stream 3


Integrating a comprehensive supplier risk assessment framework to mitigate business risk  

  • Knowing the metrics you should use to measure supplier risk
  • Accurate evaluations of  supplier risk throughout the life cycle of the contract
  • Knowing the benefits and pitfalls of sourcing in new Low Cost Countries

Case Study: Navigating the complex relationship with ‘Mega Vendors’ to drive efficiency and manage spend

  • Standardising the interaction process with vendors who have multiple points of negotiation with your business
  • How to re-shift the balance of power back towards procurement to lower spend

Optimizing inventory management to lower costs and increase supply resilience  

  • Contingency plans to mitigate disruptions in supply
  • Improving the bottomline through digital tracking
  • Leveraging robotics for more accurate inventory and warehouse management

Stream 1

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Stream 3


Flexible contracting to meet business needs

  • How to create contracts that can quickly adapt to external factors
  • Balancing contractual risk and due diligence with innovation

Panel: Managing new and existing talent to drive inclusivity and reduce the skills gap

  • Inclusive staff engagement and progression models that will prevent drop off
  • Upskilling existing staff in the digital procurement landscape
  • Effective talent management models that also engenders leadership

Case study: Automating Purchase to Pay to increase efficiency and create a better customer journey

  • Automating purchasing activities to allow more focus on being strategic
  • Integrating a user-friendly purchasing platform
  • Ensuring risk is balanced when automating
  • Identifying which purchasing activities should be automated

– Fraser Stowers, Executive Manager, Procurement, IAG


Coffee & Networking Break


Learning from sales teams- What key negotiation skills can procurement learn from sales teams?

  • Understanding sales techniques for greater advantage during supplier interaction
  • Enhancing behavioral skills to control your buying signals and build rapport
  • Maximising opportunities to deliver tangible savings during negotiation


On-stage interview: Successful leadership strategies to create highly effective teams

  • Highlighting the key leadership principles every leader should follow   
  • Methods to create a ‘winning culture’ within your procurement and supply chain team


Closing remarks


Close of Conference