2018 Conference agenda

Thursday 5 July 2018

08.00 Registration

08.50 Chairman’s opening remarks

09.00 The future of procurement and supply management
How might the landscape for procurement and supply chain over the coming years and what are the implications for procurement?

09.30 Keynote Address: Into the future: How technology innovation will transform our world

10.15 Economic outlook: Global and regional economic trends 

10.45 Coffee and networking break

11.15 CPO panel discussion - The view from the top
CEO’s are putting increasing pressure on Procurement Leaders to become more customer centric with an increasing focus on top line growth initiatives rather than just cost savings and process control/governance.  This panel will be feature Procurement Leaders and other C-level panellists:

  • How does this shifting paradigm change the role of the CPO?
  • What are the 5 main concerns for CPOs?
  • How can procurement and other departments be better aligned to achieve business goals?
  • What are the key qualities needed to succeed in today’s business environment?
  • How can Procurement Leaders build exceptional teams that deliver? Could be under on talent

Andy Brightmore, Executive Director Supply Chain & Business Improvement, Compass
Thomai Veginis, Chief Procurement Officer & Executive Director Supply Chain, Telstra
Kelly Irwin, Head of Procurement, Holcim

11.45 How do you know a supplier has a propensity to deliver value when you have never worked with them before
Mitigating Risk from suppliers is a key part of managing the supply chain.  What does Supplier Value really mean? This presentation is a snap shot of nearly 4 years research that Mike completed whilst delivering his Thesis towards his Masters in Supply Chain Management. His research spanned 2 jurisdictions Australia and New Zealand and used a mixed methodology to develop a value characteristic model. In the latter stages he used quantitative analysis with the IBM SPS statistics tool. He will also talk about his journey which culminated in a pass with distinction, a paper being accepted at EUROMA 2016 (the European Operations Management Conference) where he presented to academics at Trondheim University his Value Characteristic Model.

Mike Blanchard, Deputy Chief Executive Operations Directorate, Tertiary Education Commission

12.15 How automation and artificial intelligence can digitally transform the procurement profession
This session will explore the benefits of automation and AI for managing contracts, supply and spend and increasing efficiency versus the disruption that could occur as a result of a lack of governance and reliable data.

  • How can procurement professionals embrace digital transformation but at the same time manage risks to the supply chain?

12.50 Networking lunch

14.00 Pick your focus areas and break out into streams  

Stream A: Technology Enabling Connected Supply Chains
Procurement and Supply Chain Technologies: Opportunity or Threat?

Prof. Danny Samson, Department of Management and Marketing, University of Melbourne

Stream B: Talent Management
Building capability for nextgen procurement leaders through innovative talent management strategies
  • Building procurement capacity to meet future business demands
  • What skills and training is needed to become a successful procurement professional? 
  • What robust recruitment processes need to be in place to ensure you attract and retain the next generation of procurement leaders

Gordon Donovan, Group Director, Procurement & Supply, Epworth HealthCare
Chair: Cath Hill MBA, Group Director, CIPS

Stream C: Strategic Sourcing
Successfully Aligning Category Management with your Strategic Sourcing Plan

Strategic sourcing goes further than SRM, involving full examination of purchasing budgets, the landscape of the supply market, negotiation with suppliers, and periodic assessments of supply transactions so what does this mean for Category Management?

  • Building relationships and contracts that work effectively and add value to your organization?
  • Understanding operating models outsourcing and professional development for enhanced sourcing and category management
  • Appointing dedicated category managers to evaluate supplier performance and subsequent cycles to find additional opportunities to bring value to the compaZ

    John Crickmore, Managing Consultant, Commerce Decisions

14.30 Pick your focus areas and break out into streams

Stream A: Technology Enabling Connected Supply Chains
Demystifying Blockchain for Procurement and Supply Chain Management
You will be given an overview of how Blockchain Strategies will revolutionise supply chains, how it can improve transparency in transactions as well as discussing Smart contracts and their benefits, real-time intelligence, predictive analytics, and ultimately meeting growth and risk objectives.

This session we will aim to demystify blockchain by answering questions around how and what it is and how it is likely to impact your business

Stream C: Strategic Sourcing

Panel Debate: Using Strategic Sourcing for Better Collaboration With Stakeholders

  • Understanding the benefits of strategic sourcing at a regional and global level to streamline procurement and at the same time reduce time and costs
  • Importance of cross-functional collaboration for delivering benefits
  • Case Studies on practical application of tactical procurement and strategic sourcing strategies for improving procurement processes

Hannah Bodilly, Head of Strategic Sourcing Transformation, Bank Of Queensland

Richard Armstrong, Category Manager, Group Operations, AGL

David Freeman, National Supply Chain Manager, IAG

15.00 Pick your focus areas and break out into streams

Stream A: Technology Enabling Connected Supply Chains

Case Study: Procurement Digital Transformation: Simplify, Standardise & Automate

  • Exploring 'why' the need to embrace digital transformation in procurement
  • Realising benefits - efficiency, transparency and increased governance both for business and supply chains
  • An SA Power Networks Case Study

Kate Murray, Procurement Analytics & Performance Manager, SA Power Networks Process and Systems

Stream B: Talent Management

Building Capabilities: Upskilling for Improving Supplier and Customer Engagement

It is becoming increasingly important for procurement professionals to enhance their business skills in negotiation and supplier and customer engagement as the role becomes more people facing. Procurement managers will also need to strengthen their analytical skills to further enhance negotiations. This session will enable you to:

  • Effectively negotiate deals with suppliers through planning and preparing effectively
  • Understand and implement a variety of negotiation and sales techniques
  • Building trust with negotiations both internally and with suppliersUnderstand methods for benchmarking and documenting your agreements

Ricky Baharwal, Contracts & Procurement Lead, Shell

Stream C: Strategic Sourcing
Enhancing value delivery in procurement through rapid sourcing and tail spend managemenet

  • Financial and Compliance management, benefits realization and revenue generation activities
  • Stakeholder alignment and influencing purchasing decisions
  • Creating cost savings and contributing to topline growth activities

    David Freeman, National Supply Chain Manager, IAG

15.30 Networking and coffee break

16.00 The sky no longer the limit

Tod Cooper, General Manager, Australasia Surveillance and Intelligence, MDA

16.30 Round table talking points:

  • Using Data to be more Customer Centric
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  •  Using Automation for Smarter Procurement Processes
  • Redefining Procurement through Blockchain Strategies
  • E-Procurement Platforms

17.15 Conferences closes

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